Has Barack Obama finally quit smoking? Do we care?

I must care a little, I’m making a post about it. Several news outlets, and news outlets are obsessed with Barack Obama’s smoking, reported earlier this week that Barack Obama has not smoked for nine months.

That ain't rosacea ... that's a drunk

I don’t know why the media is so fucking fixated with Obama’s smoking. I wish they had been this obsessed with Bush’s drinking, or, I dunno, his lying about getting us into the Iraq War. Can we just move on please? No one quits cigs easily. If he falls off the nicotine wagon, who cares. (By the way, this photo is a fake. Right-wingers love the photo because it somehow makes Obama look sleazy, but it’s as fake as Palin’s boobs. Most people think it’s for real, but it was photoshopped by a Republican operative)

And fucking Ronald Reagan, the right-tards’ baby Jesus, not only smoked … he actually appeared in CIGARETTE ADS. “This Christmas, I’m giving all friends lung cancer!”

For the record, lots of presidents have smoked.




Gerald Ford

Fucktard Reagan selling cigarettes

Reagan being a fucktard in another ad

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2 Responses to Has Barack Obama finally quit smoking? Do we care?

  1. lmk says:

    well me personally i dont give a damn wether he smokes or not , and man you know how the media is they just want a story they talk about the dumbest little shit, and like you mentioned at least obama is not harming others by smoking unlike bush would of if his drinking continued after his dui .

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