Smoking and Christmas

I just love vintage cigarette ads. They’re just so DECADENT!

Especially cringe-worthy are Christmas cigarette ads. I guess holiday packaging used to be a pretty big deal back in the day for cigarette cartons. I vaguely remember cartons becoming Christmasy during the holidays.

I love all the ads with Santa smoking. This is decades before Joe Camel. Get those kids interested in cigarettes early.

Here is a sample of old Christmas cigarette ads.

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8 Responses to Smoking and Christmas

  1. cpad says:

    Totally hilarious, Pepe!
    Pssst… don’t tell anyone but I smoke 😦 (tobacco only)
    My hubby smokes cigars and a pipe.
    Even though it’s just the two of us at home, we smoke outside on our back porch.

  2. BassFace says:

    Pepe and Haruko… that was a beautiful e-Card you sent. Just sent you a Thank-You email – the thank-you, of course, was for the wonderful picture & greetings you sent. Hope your Noël was wonderful… Merci!!!

    A “nor’easter” system did pass through my area early today, dropping snow-flurries for a brief time downtown at the football stadium before the Jaguars/Redskins game (and as I was driving there this morning).

    Hopefully this works…

    • BassFace says:

      “Hopefully this works…” referring to the emoticon I tried to link…

    • Pepe Lepew says:


      Thank you, BassFace. Snow in Jacksonville? 😯

      We apparently have a series of storms coming in for the next several days, but nothing like the East Coast is going to get.

      We got an e-mail from Free Range Talk’s IT guru. In WordPress, you have to be listed as an “author” on the site for your emoticons to work. Stupid. He says he hacked FRT’s site so everyone’s can work, but I don’t think I have the expertise to do that.

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