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Illinois watering down its smoking ban?

Illinois may be the first state to water down its statewide smoking ban. Because some bars and especially casinos have seen a huge dropoff in revenues since Illinois imposed its smoking ban in 2008. Casinos reportedly are down 28 percent. … Continue reading

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How Big Tobacco got away with the Crime of the Century

It all began in 1994. Years of outrage over decades of Big Tobacco’s lies finally seemed to be coming to fruition. 1994 was the year it seemed like we finally turned a corner in the fight against Big Tobacco. The … Continue reading

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FDA panel suggests banning menthol

An advisory panel at the Food and Drug Administration gave its suggestion last week to the agency that menthol in cigarettes should be banned. The FDA has been wrangling with the menthol issue for over a year. About a year … Continue reading

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Rural Montana bar says smoking ban putting it out of business

Here is a big article about a rural bar in Montana that says the state’s smoking ban, implemented 18 months ago, is driving it out of business. The business completely ignored the state’s smoking ban, racked up thousands of dollars … Continue reading

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Wisconsin bartenders love Wisconsin smoking ban

A study just released by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee showed that bartenders in that state are having fewer health problems and are more in favour of a smoking ban than before it was first implemented last year. This study is … Continue reading

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CNBC’s Cigarette Wars — “It’s still a legal product”

What I was struck by in the CNBC documentary “Cigarette Wars” was how a pair of tobacco farmers, when asked, “how do you feel about growing a deadly product?” just kept repeating the mantra, “it’s still a legal product.” reading

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Montana tobacco funding bill at Legislature next week

This is a really good article out of Helena on this bonehead Republican move. As you might have heard, Republicans in Montana have gone categorically INSANE this year, and this is just one insane proposal of theirs out of MANY. … Continue reading

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