Illinois watering down its smoking ban?

Illinois may be the first state to water down its statewide smoking ban.

Because some bars and especially casinos have seen a huge dropoff in revenues since Illinois imposed its smoking ban in 2008. Casinos reportedly are down 28 percent. A State Legislative panel concluded that the smoking ban has been the biggest reason (I gotta believe the overall economic downturn is a pretty big damn factor, too.).

The Illinois State House passed a bill yesterday to lift the smoking ban on casinos. Another bill in the Illinois Legislature would weaken the smoking ban in bars (It would allow bars to get a smoking exemption licence.), while ironically, Illinois is also considering a bill to raise its cigarette tax another 50 cents a pack (from $.98 a pack to $1.48 a pack — man that would drill Chicago. Chicago has a high city cigarette tax, making it one of the most expensive cities in the country already for cigarettes — about $7 to $8 a pack.)

If the Senate passes the casino exemption and it’s signed into law, Illinois would become the first state in the country weaken its smoking ban.

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One Response to Illinois watering down its smoking ban?

  1. snoyoda says:

    My state, Washington, has had indoor smoking bans for some time. As someone who has sensitive lungs (from childhood asthma), it has really be great for me. I don’t get into bars much, but it used to drive me nuts just having a beer with a friend.

    I was in Vegas in early February, and the convention was held in the Mirage. Parts of the resort have not been redone. No where is this more obvious than the casino floor, which it totally smoky. Many of the new resorts have much better air systems.

    I just stopped over here to read a couple of these posts. Well done. I will be back to read more of them. 🙂

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