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Nelson Cruz’s disgusting chew-stained teeth — now with high-resolution photos!

Got some HI-RES photos of Nelson Cruz trotting around the bases in Game 6 with his teeth stained by chewing tobacco. This is NASTY! Still really wanna chew kids? Really? Like, why? Advertisements

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Nelson Cruz’s disgusting teeth stained by tobacco

Boy, if EVER there was an advertisement against chewing tobacco, it’s this photo of the Texas Rangers’ Nelson Cruz rounding the bases after hitting a home run in Game 6 of the World Series. Really, really, gross. Not only is … Continue reading

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Really bizarre ad from tobacco stooge Herman Cain

Thanks to Misti for digging this up. This is really bizarre. It’s an ad from Herman Cain’s campaign manager. It’s a pretty direct matter-of-fact personal testimony from the guy about why he likes Herman Cain … and then at the … Continue reading

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Ohio Supreme Court hears arguments challenging state’s smoking ban

In the second-biggest news of the day in Ohio — the first being all the tigers and lions that had to be shot — the Ohio Supreme Court heard arguments today challenging that state’s controversial 2007 smoking ban. Ohio is … Continue reading

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Senators renew call for banning chewing tobacco in baseball

Four senators are using the attention being given to the World Series by issuing a statement this week renewing the call for Major League Baseball to ban chew on the field and in the dugouts. Sens. Dick Durbin, Frank Lautenberg, … Continue reading

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The Rugby World Cup — The greatest sporting event you’ve never heard of.

The biggest sporting event in the world is probably the Olympics. The next biggest is the FIFA World Cup. The next biggest is something I bet most of you have never heard of. The Rugby World Cup. It is watched … Continue reading

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Herman Cain — Tobacco industry whore douchebag stooge

OK, if Herman Cain’s pathological bigotry toward Muslims and his borderline Uncle Ruckus “Blacks have been brainwashed into voting for Democrats” schtick wasn’t enough reason to hate him, now there is this. (Thanks to Sandy at Current for cluing me … Continue reading

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