Nelson Cruz’s disgusting teeth stained by tobacco


Boy, if EVER there was an advertisement against chewing tobacco, it’s this photo of the Texas Rangers’ Nelson Cruz rounding the bases after hitting a home run in Game 6 of the World Series.

Really, really, gross. Not only is there is a big fat plug in his lip, his teeth are stained brown … AND he has little flecks of tobacco gunk on his teeth.

Seriously, ladies, would you kiss that? Hip guys out there. Would YOU kiss that?

Well, anyway, that was maybe the most incredible baseball game I’ve ever seen. Pretty hard to cheer for either team. GW Bush cheers for the Rangers while Tony LaRussa is a right-wing stooge (He came out in favour of the Arizona immigration law earlier this year.) I guess you just have to appreciate a great baseball game.

Anyway, this will just give more grist to those do-gooder U.S. Senators who are trying to get chew out of Major League Baseball.



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