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The lung cancer and nicotine genes

Yesterday I mentioned the “lung cancer gene.” This is interesting stuff to me, and exciting for a potential cure to lung cancer, the No. 1 cancer killer. Several years ago, researchers isolated a gene mutation that appears to mark whether … Continue reading

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Pot smoking doesn’t cause lung disease: The lung cancer gene, part 1

A study that came out last month determined that occasional post smoking doesn’t cause near the damage to lungs as cigarette smoking. The study followed 5,115 regular pot smokers over the course of 20 years. This reminds me very much … Continue reading

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BassFace posts about Nujabes

Nujabes was a Japanese acid jazz genius who died a few years ago in a traffic accident. BassFace is a bass genius and knows his stuff about music. Read about it here: My favourite Nujabes piece:

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“The Grey:” Existentialist wolves

I went in to “The Grey” with my mind made up I was going to hate the movie, but then found it weirdly compelling for its existentialist themes. I knew this would be a highly controversial movie, many environmental groups … Continue reading

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