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Jack Klugman — 1922-2012 — “the only stupid thing I did in my life was to start smoking”

I remember watching the Odd Couple when I was a kid. It was one of my favourite shows. Jack Klugman had a long life, but he had myriad health problems the last 30 years, mostly caused by his heavy cigar … Continue reading

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Longtime HuffPost poster Bill Loney, victim of emphysema

I never interacted that much with Bill because I took a hiatus from HuffPost about the same time he showed up, but I know Haruko got to know him better than I did. I think something should be said about … Continue reading

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My 35-year romance with the San Francisco 49ers

What do the 49ers mean to me? I totally understand not giving a damn about sports, and I totally understand a sports team being a big part of one’s life. I know a guy who just goes crazy if his … Continue reading

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