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Imogen and the Pigeons in Second Life

I initially began in Second Life to see if I might want to start a music club. I found out that would cost upwards of $400 a month for the “land” (bandwidth), and that would mean raising money and then … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform penalizes smokers

A little-known provision in the Health Care Reform law passed in 2010 is that it can penalize smokers — by a LOT. Beginning in January 2014, for a 60-year-old smoker, the surcharge could be up to $6,000 a year. That … Continue reading

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Meet Bill Hannegan, a blast from the past

Was kind of perusing the other day and saw an interesting story that there is still a lot of bickering going on about smoking bans in St. Louis. Man, it’s been at least two or three years this has … Continue reading

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