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Bill Hicks on smoking and Yul Brynner

Two great skits I found from Bill Hicks about smoking. I just kind of stumbled into these (mostly by looking at Yul Brynner’s famous commercial from the grave about smoking). The first video is a short bit about Yul Brynner … Continue reading

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R.J. Reynolds quietly loses $37.5 million judgement

This story didn’t get as much attention as I would’ve have expected, I think because it’s actually becoming routine. A jury last week awarded a family who lost their wife and mother to lung cancer in 1995 after years of … Continue reading

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Casper smoking ban battle — petition drive fails after hundreds of signatures thrown out

Casper, Wyoming a few months ago implemented a smoking ban for all restaurants and bars. Well, after only a few weeks, bar owners went to the city council and whined about the effect of the ban on their business and … Continue reading

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Lawsuit filed over “smoke shacks” built by Great Falls bars, injunctions filed, groups formed, it’s a mess

This is a hell of a convoluted story. It’s too complicated to tell the whole story here, so I’ll sum up … It’s a city/county health department fighting the courts, owner of some Great Falls, Montana bars and a citizens’ … Continue reading

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