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The stigma of lung cancer — do smokers “deserve” lung cancer? (No!)

A very interesting opinion piece that I can personally relate to, about the continuing stigma of lung cancer. I have on a number of occasions no matter how incredibly hard I try to bend over backward to not attack smokers … Continue reading

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Another reason to quit smoking? It really does make you look older

Twins study shows the aging effects of smoking. This is really interesting. A remarkable study looking at smoking and non-smoking twin graphically displays how smoking makes people look older. 79 twins were studied as part of this project, one of … Continue reading

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Jesus, dude, lighten up — man brandishes gun after being told he can’t smoke

  Jesus, dude, is that cigarette really worth sitting in a jail cell? Chill out! Some guy standing in front of the Atascadero State Hospital was told he couldn’t smoke and he responded by brandishing a gun in his belt. … Continue reading

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Study: Yeah, right, tobacco industry, candy-flavoured cigars aren’t geared toward kids

The Centers for Disease Control just released a report, the first of its kind, on these little candy-flavoured cigars (candy flavoured cigarettes are now illegal, but candy-flavoured cigars are perfectly legal — that makes sense.) “They’re really cheap, and they’re … Continue reading

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Haruko’s baseball extravaganza 2!

Fear the Beards Hah, OK, now that I’ve written this, I’m sure to have put the jinx on the Scruffy Sox. I always do. I’m bad luck. It won’t be the Red Sox’s scruffy beards that will get them deep … Continue reading

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