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CNN: Nine powerful stories of smokers’ last cigarettes

Awesome, poignant article by For the Great American Smokeout last week, interviewed 9 former smokers about their final cigarette. Most every ex-smoker can remember their last cigarette, when they finally had had enough and quashed one out for the … Continue reading

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Disney smoking ban means no smoking for Walt Disney

Here’s quite a weird story. Because Disney has banned smoking in its movies (Ironically, lots of smoking in Pinocchio and 101 Dalmatians), in a new about Disney founder Walt Disney, smoking cannot be shown, even though Walt Disney was a … Continue reading

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Nujabes in art

I wanted to post something about Nujabes, a very influential and amazing Japanese jazz/rap artist and producer. I’m not a music expert, so I don’t even know what to call Nujabes’ music. Bass once called it “acid jazz.” To me, … Continue reading

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Twelve finalists overlooked for the Baseball Hall of Fame

Baseball has three different panels it uses for selecting people to the Hall of Fame — the Baseball Writers of America, the Veterans Committee (which votes in people who played 50+ years ago who were overlooked for the HofF and … Continue reading

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Why I am boycotting “Ender’s Game”

When I was about 12 or 13, one of my favourite books was “Ender’s Game,” written by Orson Scott Card. It won both the Nebula and the Hugo awards for best science fiction novel the year it came out — … Continue reading

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