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Pepe’s Non-Smoking Party-Time Lounge has moved!

Pepe’s Non-Smoking Party Lounge has moved to a new host!   Click here to read the new Lounge! Pepe’s Non-Smoking Party Time Lounge.   Thanks to everyone who has visited us for the past three years and we look forward … Continue reading

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E-cigs banned by New York City. Really? You realize these are e-cigs, not actual cigarettes?

This is a baffling story to me, sorry. Jack, I know you might not agree, but I have enough of a Libertarian streak to say, “WTF?” A couple of weeks ago, the city of New York extended its strict smoking … Continue reading

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Good news everyone! Cancer death rate drops 20 percent in 20 years; Lung cancer death rate down 34 percent

I wrote about this several months ago. The cancer death rate in the U.S. has dropped dramatically in the past few years, especially for lung cancer. Three reasons: 1) Better treatment 2) Better detection and a big one 3) a … Continue reading

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50th Anniversary of Surgeon General’s Report on smoking

Next week is the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking U.S. Surgeon General’s report on cigarettes. This report was the result of more than a decade of studies and research into the growing suspicion of a connection between smoking and lung … Continue reading

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21,000 page views in 2013 — Thank you!

I received by annual report from WordPress a couple of days ago.   The Lounge received 21,000 page views in 2013. That’s a humbling number, an average of 57 page views per day. Thank you very much to everyone (Yeah, … Continue reading

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Awesome anti-smoking ad from Thailand

This is great. Another find on Epoch Times. An outstanding anti-smoking ad from Thailand. Two little kids walk up to a bunch of smokers holding cigarettes asking for a light. In every case, the adults refuse to give the kids … Continue reading

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China orders government officials to stop smoking in public

Got this interesting article from the Epoch Times, a website by Chinese dissidents about China. It’s become home to a lot of HuffingtonPost refugees who are understandably pissed off about having to use their real names to comment on HP. … Continue reading

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