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China orders government officials to stop smoking in public

Got this interesting article from the Epoch Times, a website by Chinese dissidents about China. It’s become home to a lot of HuffingtonPost refugees who are understandably pissed off about having to use their real names to comment on HP. … Continue reading

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Casper smoking ban battle — petition drive fails after hundreds of signatures thrown out

Casper, Wyoming a few months ago implemented a smoking ban for all restaurants and bars. Well, after only a few weeks, bar owners went to the city council and whined about the effect of the ban on their business and … Continue reading

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Lawsuit filed over “smoke shacks” built by Great Falls bars, injunctions filed, groups formed, it’s a mess

This is a hell of a convoluted story. It’s too complicated to tell the whole story here, so I’ll sum up … It’s a city/county health department fighting the courts, owner of some Great Falls, Montana bars and a citizens’ … Continue reading

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Keanu Reeves does not approve of you smoking!

From the new movie “Generation Um” Hah, I actually saw something like this about 10 years ago, in which a drunk chick threw a massive temper tantrum for being told a bar was a non-smoking establishment and she stomped out … Continue reading

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Smoking ban relaxed in Casper

Here’s something you don’t see very often. A town actually remove or relax a smoking ban. Late last month, Casper, Wyo., removed its smoking ban on bars because some bar owners complained to the city that the ban was hurting … Continue reading

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Russia “doomed” by smoking ban

Haven’t posted in a while. Have three interesting updates. The first is a smoking ban in all places — Russia — one of the heaviest smoking countries in the world.  It’s not a particularly strict smoking ban — no smoking … Continue reading

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Meet Bill Hannegan, a blast from the past

Was kind of perusing the other day and saw an interesting story that there is still a lot of bickering going on about smoking bans in St. Louis. Man, it’s been at least two or three years this has … Continue reading

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