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Pepe’s Non-Smoking Party-Time Lounge has moved!

Pepe’s Non-Smoking Party Lounge has moved to a new host!   Click here to read the new Lounge! Pepe’s Non-Smoking Party Time Lounge.   Thanks to everyone who has visited us for the past three years and we look forward … Continue reading

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Live Action Cowboy Bebop … what are they going to do about the smoking?

This is pretty funny. Just read that Keanu Reeves had at one point been tabbed to play “Spike Spiegel” in the live action version of Cowboy Bebop. (Not really sure if live action versions of anime will work, Akira has … Continue reading

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Nujabes in art

I wanted to post something about Nujabes, a very influential and amazing Japanese jazz/rap artist and producer. I’m not a music expert, so I don’t even know what to call Nujabes’ music. Bass once called it “acid jazz.” To me, … Continue reading

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Why I am boycotting “Ender’s Game”

When I was about 12 or 13, one of my favourite books was “Ender’s Game,” written by Orson Scott Card. It won both the Nebula and the Hugo awards for best science fiction novel the year it came out — … Continue reading

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The stigma of lung cancer — do smokers “deserve” lung cancer? (No!)

A very interesting opinion piece that I can personally relate to, about the continuing stigma of lung cancer. I have on a number of occasions no matter how incredibly hard I try to bend over backward to not attack smokers … Continue reading

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Another reason to quit smoking? It really does make you look older

Twins study shows the aging effects of smoking. This is really interesting. A remarkable study looking at smoking and non-smoking twin graphically displays how smoking makes people look older. 79 twins were studied as part of this project, one of … Continue reading

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Jesus, dude, lighten up — man brandishes gun after being told he can’t smoke

  Jesus, dude, is that cigarette really worth sitting in a jail cell? Chill out! Some guy standing in front of the Atascadero State Hospital was told he couldn’t smoke and he responded by brandishing a gun in his belt. … Continue reading

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