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Good news everyone! Cancer death rate drops 20 percent in 20 years; Lung cancer death rate down 34 percent

I wrote about this several months ago. The cancer death rate in the U.S. has dropped dramatically in the past few years, especially for lung cancer. Three reasons: 1) Better treatment 2) Better detection and a big one 3) a … Continue reading

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CNN: Nine powerful stories of smokers’ last cigarettes

Awesome, poignant article by CNN.com. For the Great American Smokeout last week, CNN.com interviewed 9 former smokers about their final cigarette. Most every ex-smoker can remember their last cigarette, when they finally had had enough and quashed one out for the … Continue reading

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The stigma of lung cancer — do smokers “deserve” lung cancer? (No!)

A very interesting opinion piece that I can personally relate to, about the continuing stigma of lung cancer. I have on a number of occasions no matter how incredibly hard I try to bend over backward to not attack smokers … Continue reading

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Oops, “Smokers’ glitch” means smokers won’t pay more for “Obamacare” coverage — for the moment

Hah, OK, this is actually kind of funny. An example of government bureaucracy at its best. Under the Affordable Care Act, smokers were looking at paying up to 50 percent more than non-smokers through government insurance plans sold to small … Continue reading

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Smokers cost employers an average of $5,800 a year

Yoiks, I can only imagine the comments at the old Smokers’ Club (I haven’t a clue if that is even around anymore. It’s been years since I looked.) on this story! According to an Ohio State University researcher — between … Continue reading

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Pepe’s Sexy Time Lounge post — smoking can make your nipples fall off

This will be the sexiest post I’ll ever make. A plastic surgeon came out this week and said smoking can make your nipples fall off — well if you are a woman who has had a certain kind of plastic … Continue reading

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Australian Senate passes plain cigarette package law

(Thanks to Classical Gas for the scoop on this story!) Australia is attempting to force cigarette companies in that country to have utterly, entirely plain cigarette packages, with no artwork, no logos, no graphics whatsoever, except for graphic images of … Continue reading

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