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Dammit! Judge rules against graphic warning labels on cigarettes

Aw, shit! The tobacco companies might actually win this round. A federal judge in Washington, D.C., Richard Leon, slapped an injunction against the graphic warning labels, saying there is a likelihood he would rule against the Food and Drug Administration. … Continue reading

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Oh, those kooky Kiwis and their cigarette warnings!

Oh, look at this. Those kooky Kiwis have come up with the dumbest invention for smokers. In some countries like New Zealand, Australia and Canada, the warning labels on cigarettes have become increasingly graphic to discourage smokers (In the U.S., … Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s doctor says he is smokefree

President Barack Obama’s doctor came out this week and announced the president is in good shape physically adding that he is smokefree. According to the article:  Obama, who chewed nicotine gum, appears to have quit smoking entirely — an achievement … Continue reading

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Children and cigarettes

Two articles today about smoking and cigarettes. One comes from a jury award in Boston. I’ve read about this case before. In the 1950s, Lollilard employees used to hang out at playgrounds handing out cigarettes to kids to get them … Continue reading

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Former Premier of Alberta: “If you’re stupid, start smoking.”

Ralph Klein, who was the premier of Alberta from 1992-2006 (wow, that’s a long time), and was mayor of Calgary from 1980 to 1989, is ill from emphysema (also called COPD, though COPD can be more than just emphysema). Klein … Continue reading

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Surgeon General new report on smoking … cigarettes are bad, M’kay

OK, what has gotten a lot of press from a truly extensive Surgeon General’s report on cigarettes released yesterday is a conclusion that “there is no safe level of cigarette smoke.” The media has turned this into “just one cigarette … Continue reading

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South Dakota approves smoking ban; the South remains the ashtray of the United States

First on the docket is a month-old story from South Dakota (we gots some catching up to do). In South Dakota, the State Legislature passed a smoking ban a couple of years ago. Bar and casino owners passed around a … Continue reading

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