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CDC predicts every state will have a smoking bans by 2020

First of all, the headline is a little misleading. It says “Every state will ban smoking.” They aren’t banning smoking, they’re just banning it in bars and restaurants. It will be interesting to revisit this in 9 years to see … Continue reading

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Spring snowstorm

Snow on April 19th!

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Charlie Sheen too dangerous for Ontario

Ontario was quite concerned about Charlie Sheen coming there on his crazy “Torpedo of Truth!” tour because of his chain smoking. Canada has some very strict indoor smoking laws and apparently in some of his earlier appearances in America, Sheen … Continue reading

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Smoking laws roundup — asshole city council in Missouri, Arkansas bans smoking in cars

A quick roundup on two stories. Smoking ban rejected … after voters approved it One really pissed me off. A small city in Missouri, Webb City, passed a smoking ban through a voter initiative. The City Council then turned around … Continue reading

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New book I just ordered: Smoke Damage

This is a brand new book I just ordered through Amazon: “Smoke Damage: Voices from the Front Lines of America’s Tobacco War” Here is the product description. Sounds powerful: Tobacco use causes over 440,000 premature deaths every year in the … Continue reading

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Cute story from Connecticut about avoiding cigarette taxes

OK, this made me chuckle, and it kind of highlights some of the problems with states having wildly divergent cigarette taxes. A gas station in Chester, N.Y., which is right on the N.Y.-Connecticut border, parked an ice cream truck at … Continue reading

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Indiana smoking ban appears dead because it had too many exemptions

This is a new one to me. A proposed smoking ban in Indiana died in a State Senate Committee because it contained too many exemptions. The extremely weak ban, which would have exempted bars, casinos and private clubs, would have … Continue reading

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