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The Dark Place Outlaws!


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More Montana teens smoking dope than cigarettes

All right!!!! Well, truth be told, I have mixed feelings about this survey. I’m not wild about teens smoking dope (I know, I’m an old fogey, but it is an intoxicant and causes car wrecks and fucks kids up at … Continue reading

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Smoking and Christmas

I just love vintage cigarette ads. They’re just so DECADENT! Especially cringe-worthy are Christmas cigarette ads. I guess holiday packaging used to be a pretty big deal back in the day for cigarette cartons. I vaguely remember cartons becoming Christmasy … Continue reading

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The smoke in Spain falls mainly outside the bars

Ay Carumba! Spain has gone completely smokefree. Spain was one of those European countries that supposedly banned smoking (way back in 2006), but really didn’t. The rules were very lax and even those lax laws were essentially ignored. This has … Continue reading

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Ohio can grab tobacco funds

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled this week that the State Legislature does have the power to raid $250 million of the state’s tobacco funds. This is money from the 1998 $280 billion Tobacco Settlement Agreement between the states and Big … Continue reading

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We aren’t dreaming of a White Christmas, we’re living it!

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Children and cigarettes

Two articles today about smoking and cigarettes. One comes from a jury award in Boston. I’ve read about this case before. In the 1950s, Lollilard employees used to hang out at playgrounds handing out cigarettes to kids to get them … Continue reading

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