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Pepe’s Sexy Time Lounge post — smoking can make your nipples fall off

This will be the sexiest post I’ll ever make. A plastic surgeon came out this week and said smoking can make your nipples fall off — well if you are a woman who has had a certain kind of plastic … Continue reading

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Old Mad Magazine tobacco ads

Hey thanks to Richard at the Patio for tuning me on to this. He brought up Mad Magazine’s tobacco parody ads from the 1960s. I vaguely remember their parody ads (The Magazine at its height was before my time, but … Continue reading

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Oregon Supreme Court came, saw, then kicks Philip Morris’ ASS

Philip Morris got its ass handed to it by the Oregon Supreme Court, which shockingly (to me, because the good guys rarely win these cases, at least completely win) upheld a jury award to the widow of a smoker killed … Continue reading

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Baseball partially bans chewing tobacco

It isn’t a full-fledged ban, but baseball is taking action on chewing tobacco. Anti-tobacco advocates — and several Congressmen and U.S. Senators — have been pushing for months to have chew banned by Major League Baseball. It would mean no … Continue reading

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